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Perinatal Trauma Specialist



My name is Tracy Law and I am the founder of Birth Trauma Resolution Brighton. 


With 35 years of professional experience as a midwife and my own personal perinatal trauma experience, I have recognised the huge need for support and recovery from the debilitating effects of birth trauma. Therefore, I am passionate about not only treating perinatal trauma but also raising awareness about this under-recognised but easily treatable condition.  


My specialist training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and Human Givens Institute of Psychotherapy. I adhere to a strict code of conduct which requires me to attend regular supervision and engage in continuous professional development.

Birth Trauma Resolution treatment is solution focussed, safe and gentle. It combines proven therapeutic techniques with an understanding of neuroscience. The treatment offered is holistic and scientifically proven to heal trauma and grief safely, allowing you to continue with your parenting journey free from the effects of trauma.


During a session, your experience is listened to and validated, and together we will formulate a personalised plan for how we will move forward with your treatment. You will then be given relaxation and simple breathing techniques, as well as a personalised visualisation download and resources, which you will be able to use straight away to help reduce the symptoms of trauma and anxiety. 

We will then work together to dissolve the strong negative emotions attached to the memory, so you can remember what happened without feelings of anxiety or panic. We will rebuild your confidence, empower you and equip you to step back into day-to-day life and experience relationships, symptom free. 



What is Birth Trauma and PTSD?

Trauma is a normal response to an abnormal event. 

Birth Trauma is any situation that leaves the person feeling overwhelmed and out of control or there is perceived danger that the birthing person or baby's life is in danger and could die either during the pregnancy, birth or up to the first year of the baby's birth.

Anything which happened too fast, too quick or too much for the body and nervous system OR anything which did not, should of or could of happened. 

What we know is birth trauma is not always the event itself but it is how that person was made to feel or what was said to them that causes the trauma.

Approximately 30,000 women a year, according to recent research, experience birth trauma in the UK. Instead of their pregnancy and birth being joyful and happy event, their experience was difficult and left them feeling at the start of their parenting journey, vulnerable and distressed.

A traumatic birth can lead to symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) this can be any situation where the mother has felt under threat of death or serious injury to herself, her baby or to her physical integrity.

Or where a birth companion or health professional has witnessed a trauma during birth known as vicarious trauma.

Research suggests that approximately 4 -5 % of women who give birth and suffer from birth trauma will go on to develop postnatal PTSD.


Common symptoms are:

  • re experiencing the trauma 

  • flashbacks and nightmares

  • avoidance of anything which reminds them of the trauma

  • negative mood such as depression, anger or guilt.

  • hypervigilance or intrusive thoughts especially around their or their baby's health 

If you feel you are experiencing some of

the effects from birth trauma, please

remember you are not to blame and you

are not alone.

However, it is important to seek some help and treatment.

Take that first step today.


Book your first free 15min call to discuss your how I work and ask any further questions you may have or email me for more information.
Tel: 07849751474


Will be arranged by email 

Every session is 1:1 with Tracy 

All sessions are online



We’re proud to share a handful of recent testimonials from recent clients of Birth Trauma Resolution Brighton. If you’ve had birth trauma resolution treatment and have feedback, please get in touch - we’d love to hear it.

"Birth stories can be horrific, but with help and healing, they don't have to bring about feelings of horror every time you think or speak of speak of them. You can actually learn to appreciate your birth story and what you survived"

"Tracy helped to validate my experience, allowing me to be totally honest and open around how I felt. The sessions were remarkable. Somehow, these uncontrollable emotions I had been living with, seemed 'rewired' in my mind in a way I could think about things rationally rather than with overwhelming terror"

Client. London

Client. Oxford

"It took me over a year to realise that I had not properly dealt with events surrounding my daughter's birth, and our ensuing breastfeeding journey in the immediate months and weeks which had also affected me. I would often have sudden flashbacks/intrusive thoughts to events, and feel a panic in my chest, but after a few sessions, I no longer feel the sudden onset of panic or waves of emotions at random times. Tracy helped me understand my experience of trauma was valid and supported me to move on"

' I was anxious having to admit something was wrong but Tracy put me at ease and filled me with confidence that my life could return to normality once again. I was all consumed by my birth trauma - it affected my sleep and I failed to find enjoyment in life. Within two sessions, it has honestly changed my life and I feel like myself again. I am ever glad I took the plunge to email Tracy and ask for help"

Client. Brighton

Client. Surrey

"My pregnancy, birth and after birth were so traumatic, it was really hard to make it through each day. I was hypervigilant with my son and that put tremendous strain on my relationship. I was struggling to make sense of what happened to me on a conscious and unconscious level. Just having someone listen and being heard was so powerful. I would recommend this service 100%"

"I don't know where I'd be today if I hadn't had this treatment. I suffered from depression, anxiety and was self destructive and constantly reliving my wife's birth trauma. Tracy gave me a safe place to share honestly what I was going through, and it has helped me move on and progress, from feeling as though everything was collapsing, to finding freedom and peace"

Client. Brighton

Client. Liverpool



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